Shopping cart coins


Shopping cart coins

Safety first! That is the golden rule during times of Corona, but how can your customers take care of that?

Many people visit the supermarkets every day. How can they reduce the risk of contamination for their customers? Among other things, by offering a disinfected plastic, wooden or biodegradable shopping cart coin. In this way, the consumer does not have to use coins to take a shopping cart.

Garden centres or DIY-shops
In garden centers and do-it-yourself shops it's important to make the area as safe as possible for visitors. Our shopping cart coins also come in handy here. Customers do not have to use change to take a cart, but are given a shopping cart coin that is well disinfected before use.

Personalisation options

  • 1 colour print
  • Full colour print
  • Embossed
  • Standard designs
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