Embossed tokens

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Embossed tokens

Embossed or relief-printed tokens are made of recycled plastic and can be personalised on both sides. Your design will be embossed onto the tokens in the same colour as the coins. The text or logo will be clearly legible and recognisable by touch. These embossed tokens have an edge for your comfort, just like our other products.

To keep the price extra interesting, we can offer you a wide range of standard designs for these embossed tokens which do not require setup charges.

Embossed tokens or coins  are widely used throughout various sectors and for a myriad of purposes. In most cases tokens are used as an alternative to money to pay during events, festivals, trade shows, concerts, in bars, clubs, ... In addition tokens are also used as reward, calling card, receipt, shopping cart token, admission ticket, ... View our pricelist for more information regarding embossed tokens.

Embossing Options

  • your logo and/or text
  • your design
  • our standard designs

Benefits of embossed tokens

  • Your logo, company name or website on an embossed token ensures a personalised image and name recognition. Sponsors, logos or brands will certainly turn heads, when they are on an embossed token.
  • Extensive use of embossed tokens is no problem at all, because they are made of durable and solid materials. What's even more, they are dishwasher safe.
  • Embossed tokens are completely recyclable. The regained material will be used again in a new production batch. Do you have any embossed tokens of b-token that aren't used anymore? We would like to recycle them for you.
  • If you need large quantities of embossed token coins, you can be sure of short lead times and attractive rates.
  • Embossed tokens keep the flow of money at events under control as takings are centralised at one location (the till). It also dispenses with the need for rigorous supervision as staff will rarely need to handle cash. 
  • Personalised tokens made of recycled plastic are fraud-proof. By putting your own logo or name on the coins, your tokens will be easy to recognise. What is more, we will not produce your tokens for a third party. If we even suspect counterfeiting or fraud with tokens we immediatly inform the rightful owner and the police.
  • Revenue is generated as soon as the embossed tokens are sold. In other words, you no longer have to wait until your customer actually decides to purchase a refreshment. At that, we know from experience that about 1/8th of all tokens purchased disappear and are never exchanged for refreshments. You will even find that some of your customers will hold on to your tokens as a keepsake or souvenir.
  • By working with embossed tokens, prices are easily and swiftly adjusted, which means that you can take full advantage of any special offers.
  • b-token manufactures its own embossed tokens. This guarantees you fast turnaround times and tremendous flexibility, not to mention unparalleled support and advice when it comes to giving your embossed tokens a personalised look.

Designing and ordering your own embossed tokens is quick and easy on our b-token webshop. If you want you can also contact us directly through the contact form or by email.

You can store and count recycled plastic tokens in an orderly and neatly arranged manner with our plastic coin-counting trays as a convenient and inexpensive solution. Each tray can hold up to 500 tokens.



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Prices for embossed tokens

The minimum order quantity of embossed tokens is 1000 pieces per colour.
Our prices are exclusive of 21% VAT and delivery charges. 
The following prices are per piece.
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ø 23.3 mm

ø 25 mm

ø 29 mm

ø 35 mm

ø 38 mm


ø 70 mm
500  -  - € 0,194
1.000 € 0,079 € 0,080 € 0,135
3.000 € 0,051 € 0,053 € 0,100
6.000 € 0,037 € 0,042 € 0,089
10.000 € 0,034 € 0,038 € 0,083
15.000 € 0,032 € 0,036 € 0,080
25.000 € 0,029 € 0,035 € 0,079
50.000 € 0,026 € 0,029 € 0,078
100.000 € 0,022 € 0,025 € 0,077
200.000 € 0,019 € 0,021 € 0,075
500.000 € 0,016 € 0,019 € 0,074

Setup charges

  All sizes 70 mm
Same design on both sides € 70 € 95
2 standard designs € 0 € 0
Standard design on one side and logo on the other side € 35 € 65
Design on one side € 35 € 65
2 different designs € 105 € 130
Additional order with same design € 20 € 40
Token colour change € 15 € 15



Yellow Fluo-rescent orange Red Fluo-rescent pink Purple Light green Dark green Turquoise Light blue Dark blue Black White Grey Gold Fluo-rescent yellow Fluo-rescent green Blue metallic Green metallic Purple metallic Pearl Bright pink Apple green Sunfire Transparent pink Transparent orange Transparent yellow Transparent blue Transparent green Dark purple Brown

Standard designs for embossed tokens

We offer you a wide range of standard designs for embossed tokens. If you choose embossed tokens with a standard design, we don't charge setup costs. 

https://btoken-eu.imgix.net/files/141/original/standaardontwerpen gegraveerd euro.bmp?1423663077

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