Eco festival tokens

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Eco festival tokens

Festival tokens are ideal tokens for one time use. Besides our alternatives in plastic, crystal and wood, we now offer eco festival tokens. These are made from our famous biodegradable material.

Festival tokens are perfect for outdoor events. If these eco tokens end up in nature, they will cause less damage than our plastic alternative. The material that we use is a bioplastic based on starch, coming from potato peels. When exposed to oxygen, rain, UV rays and bacteria, these coins will decompose. This natural and renewable raw material has the advantage to have a lower production temperature, which is better for the environment.

One coin strip exists of 25 separate Tokens (5x5), which can each be snapped in half. For durability of the tablet, the middle Token cannot be snapped. This product is easy to distribute and encourages an efficient service at both the cash desk and the bar. Therefore, queues can be prevented and your visitors enjoy the event to the fullest.

The eco festival tokens are available in 8 different colours. They can be personalised on 1 or 2 sides in one colour or full colour. Also unique numbering per tablet is possible. For a smooth and efficient processing of the used eco festival tokens, you can use our inox token box.

Printing options

  • your logo and/or text on each coin
  • your logo and/or text on the entire tablet
  • unique numbering per tablet
  • barcodes and QR-codes
  • pictures

You can easily design the eco festival tokens yourself and order them via our b-token webshop or you can contact us via the online contact form or mail.

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Prices for eco festival tokens

The minimum order quantity for festival tokens is 15.000 tokens per design. 
Orders by multiple of 3.750 tokens.
Our prices are exclusive of taxes and delivery charges. 
The following prices are per token, not per tablet.  

Eco festival tokens - Printed in 1 colour

Quantity1 side2 sides
15.000 € 0,020 € 0,025
60.000 € 0,018 € 0,024
120.000 € 0,017 € 0,022
300.000 € 0,016 € 0,018
600.000 € 0,015 € 0,017

Setup charges

1 side printed € 40
2 sides, same design € 60
2 sides, different designs € 90
Numbered on 1 side (1 number/tablet) € 0,002 per token

Eco festival tokens - Printed in full colour

Quantity1 side2 sides
15.000 € 0,024 € 0,029
60.000 € 0,022 € 0,028
120.000 € 0,021 € 0,026
300.000 € 0,020 € 0,025
600.000 € 0,018 € 0,024

Setup charges

1 side printed € 70
2 side, same design € 120
2 sides, different designs € 150
1st side: 1 colour, 2nd side: full colour € 120
Numbered on 1 side (1 number/tablet)) € 0,002 per token
Yellow Fluo-rescent orange Red Dark green Dark blue Black White Bordeaux
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