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b-token, token manufacturer

b-token is expert in personalising plastic tokens. 
As manufacturer we excel in flexibility and delivery speed. 
We only offer specialised and quality products.

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Personalised tokens offer a wide range of benefits:

There are no two ways about it: plastic tokens are the perfect tender. But some of our clients even use the coins as calling cards, gift-voucher coins, coins for lockers, ... so, as you see, the sky is the limit!

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Sort and count your tokens fast thanks to our coin-counting trays. These trays are made of durable plastic, are easy to stack and dishwasher safe.
Corporate Social Responsibility is a very important aspect of the b-token policy. We want to focus consciensly on ensuring a better future for generations to come.
b-token is manufacturer of tokens. This ensures short lead times and great flexibility. In addition we support and advise our clients with the personalisation of their plastic tokens.
You can design and order your own tokens on our webshop, which is at your service at all times.   


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